Dancing Wins Slots

Dancing Wins Slots is a disco-themed slot machine reel spinner that treats you to various lucrative non-feature and bonus feature wins when you spin its funky reels at online casino platforms. Read the Dancing Wins Slots game review below to learn more about this swinging slot machine title from Realtime Gaming.

Discover the Casino Entertainment Products From Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming (or RTG) is the software developer behind this slot machine game. This casino software developer is a prominent name in the online gambling industry. Most gambling enthusiasts know this company from its extensive collection of original themed slot machine titles that take them to all kinds of fun reel-spinning environments. Some of the other RTG titles available at online casinos are, for example, Spirit of the Inca Slots, Coyote Cash Slots, Cleopatra's Gold Slots, Megasaur Slots, and Bank On It Slots.

Test Out Realtime Gaming Slots in Demo Mode at Game Review Websites

Many of the slot machine titles from Realtime Gaming are available in demo play mode at various casino game review websites. Demo versions of these slot games are free so that you conveniently have the opportunity to get to know them before you proceed to start betting on them with real money at online casino websites.

This Slot Machine Game's Theme Takes You to the Disco Dance Floor

As you can guess from its game title, this casino slot title has a theme that revolves around dancing. That dancing takes place in a retro-style disco setting. While you swing, you also get to spin, and every spin places themed symbols on the reel grid, such as the microphone, the turntable, the disco ball, the electric guitar, and the dancers.

Enjoy the Colorful and Groovy Disco Design Elements of This Slot

In line with its theme, this slot shows you a colorful array of typical disco elements, while a groovy background tune further sets the mood for your swinging and spinning sessions. The disco dance floor is where all the reel-spinning action occurs in this game, so you will have a great time if that is the place you want to be during your leisure time.

Benefit From Enticing and Colorful Slot Game Type Elements

Dancing Wins Slots has a traditional-looking game grid that consists of five reels and three rows. You can use these reel and row spots as places to land your successful symbol combinations while playing. These successful symbol combinations can lead you to non-feature profits and bonus perks. The symbol substituting, paytable jackpot prize rewarding, and win multiplying wild icon is one of the bonus icons you can benefit from while playing this game. The other bonus element triggering icon is the free spins feature activating disco ball scatter logo. Unlike many other RTG games, this slot has no progressive jackpot win opportunity on offer.

Land Winning Paytable Symbol Combinations on a Fixed Set of Pay Lines

Pay lines are the lines on which you need to land successful symbol combinations to trigger casino credit wins. This casino slot machine game has a total of 50 pay line structures that you can use during your reel spinning sessions. Due to these pay lines' fixed nature, there is no option on the game control bar to lower or increase their active numbers.

Make Adjustments to Your Bet Values Before Hitting the Spin Button

The game control bar of this slot does give you options to lower or increase your bet values. By using the bet adjustment keys, you can influence the win or loss outcomes of your spins. You can use the minus key to lower your bet value down to a minimum of 0.50 casino credits, and you can use the plus key to increase your bet value up to a maximum of no less than 250 casino credits.

Keep in mind that such a high bet value amount can significantly and rapidly decrease your player bankroll value. If you feel comfortable making such high-value bets and your budget allows it, you can also click on the max bet button next to the spin key. You will then instantly set the bet amount to its highest value.

Learn More About This Slot in Its Second Screen Paytable Section

Like all virtual slot machines, this reel spinner has an in-game paytable section in which you find more information about its features and functionalities. First, click on the striped button on the leftmost side of the game control bar to open the second screen paytable section. That button will then reveal a bunch of other game functionality keys. One of those keys is the "I" button that will lead you to the paytable, where you can find game details like pay line structures, general rules, and symbol combination payouts.

Boost Your Wins During Powerful Bonus Round Reel Spinning Sessions

This slot also has an enticing bonus round element on offer. This bonus round is the Multiplying Winnings Free Games feature. You can trigger this free spins and win multipliers rewarding bonus round by landing a minimum of three disco ball scatter logos anywhere on the slot grid during a game round. The win multipliers and numbers of free spins you receive depend on how many bonus feature triggering scatters you land on the game grid.

Play the Multiplying Winnings Free Games Feature

Three disco ball scatter icons appearing on the reels will result in you receiving eight free spins together with a one-time win multiplier gift. A re-trigger of this game round will release an additional set of three free spins. It also increases the bonus win multiplier by one (a nine times win multiplier prize is the maximum achievable reward).

If, instead, you are lucky enough to land four scatter logos on the game grid during a game round, you receive 18 free spins together with a two times win multiplier. This feature's re-trigger will provide you with three more free spins and a win multiplier increase of 1 (the maximum win multiplier, in this case, is 10).

Things become extra thrilling when you manage to land five disco balls on the slot grid during a game round because you will then receive no less than 88 free spins together with an initial win multiplier of 2. The re-trigger of this bonus round element will give you three additional free games together with a win multiplier increase of 1 (the maximum win multiplier is 10).

A re-trigger of the Multiplying Winnings Free Games feature can occur eight times. You need to play free spins with a fixed bet amount that is the same as that of the triggering game. When you finish playing this free spins feature, you will see a banner that displays the total win amount obtained while playing the bonus round.

Learn More About This Slot Title's Return to Player Percentage

Always make sure you know a slot machine's game Return to Player (RTP) percentage before you start to play it at online casinos. This RTP percentage will tell you roughly how much of your wagered money the game will return to your bankroll over the long run. A high RTP mention is a good indication of a profitable game. You can often find Return to Player percentages for slot titles at casino game review websites.

Don't Forget to Check the Review Ratings for This Slot Machine Title

Another essential piece of information you can find at casino game review websites is ratings for games. These platforms test out casino games for you and then rate them for your convenience. Slot machine games with excellent or high ratings are another indication that they are worth spending your time and money on at online casinos.

Slot Game Winners Can Inspire You to Play This Reel Spinner

Suppose you are looking for more indications that this slot or other casino games are worthy of your attention and money. In that case, you can also check out the news sections of casinos or casino-related websites to see if they mention any notable Dancing Wins Slots winners. These lucky winners will inspire you to go after the same profits while playing with real money bets.

Play This Game With Real Money to Make Noteworthy Casino Credit Wins

When you decide to play this slot with real money, you first have to find a casino website that has it on offer in its entertainment lobby, and then you need to become a member of that gambling platform. Create your membership account, sign in for the first time, and proceed to make a deposit that puts real money casino credits in your bankroll.

Play Slot Machine Games for Free With Fun Credits From RTG Casinos

Not everyone likes to play casino games with real money. If you are that kind of player, you can instead choose to use free fun credits from RTG casinos that allow you to use them at slot titles and other games. Use these free fun credits to practice and become familiar with games before switching over to actual money gambling sessions, or use them indefinitely if you are not planning to make that switch.

Play a Mobile Version of This Slot on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Another option to play Dancing Wins Slots or other casino games is by enjoying them on your mobile device. Choosing this portable gaming option is a convenient solution when you feel the itch to gamble and have casino fun, but there is no desktop computer in sight. Visit a mobile-friendly Realtime Gaming Casino and use your Android or iOS operated smartphone or tablet to have entertaining and rewarding on-the-go gambling and gaming sessions.