Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots
Frog Fortunes Slots is a unique and good-looking animated video slot machine title with an unusual game grid on which you need to land (exploding) animal-themed symbols to make non-feature and bonus casino credit wins. Read through the Frog Fortunes Slots casino game review below to learn more about this enticing slot machine title from the gambling software developer Realtime Gaming.

More About the Software Developer of This Casino Slot Machine Game

The developer of this frog and nature-themed reel spinner is Realtime Gaming (RTG). Over the years, this prominent software developer also created a lot of other unique, fun, and profitable video and classic virtual fruit machines such as, for example, Builder Beaver Slots, Bulls and Bears Slots, Caesar's Empire Slots, Lucky Lightnin Slots, and Bank On It Slots.

Play and Enjoy the Casino Slots From Realtime Gaming in Demo Mode

Various casino game review websites on the internet conveniently let you play and enjoy the slot machine titles from Realtime Gaming in a demo mode setting. Playing in demo mode is a free option that allows you to get to know a game better before you start to bet on it with real money at online casino platforms.

The Slot's Theme Introduces You to a Lush Jungle and Exotic Animals

This game's theme touches on the elements of a lush natural environment and its exotic animal inhabitants. A golden frog is the leading animal character in this slot. This golden frog sits below the reel grid while the other animals (a snake, a turtle, a bird, and a pangolin) function as themed symbols.

Enjoy Playing a Slot With Unique and Beautiful Game Design Elements

Beautiful-looking Frog Fortunes Slots game design elements perfectly align with its theme to give you eye-pleasing reel-spinning experiences. You will see lots of green leaves and trees in the background, while hexagon-shaped, animated animal symbols effectively decorate the unique-looking reel grid together with colorful gem icons. Below that grid, you can see the golden frog that sits on a small pond. An uplifting background tune further sets the mood for your exotic slot game adventures.

Important Slot Game Type Details to Know About

This game has a five-reel and three-row reel grid with hexagon-shaped symbols. Unlike most of its fellow RTG games, this slot does not provide a progressive jackpot win opportunity. Still, it compensates for that fact by giving you two unique bonus win opportunities that can replace other reel attributes on the game grid. These two bonus elements are the exploding symbol and the Cascading Reels feature.

This Game Gives You 243 Ways to Make Profitable Casino Credit Wins

You play with a pay line set up in this slot machine title that gives you no less than 243 ways to make casino credit win triggering symbol combinations. Because of this beneficial pay lines set up, you do not have an option available on the game control bar that lets you lower or increase the number of active lines during your gaming sessions.

Make Good Use of the Available Bet Value Adjustment Options

Even though you cannot influence the number of active pay lines, you can control how much you bet during a gaming session. Use the minus or plus key on the game control bar below the reel grid to lower the bet value to a minimum of 0.25 casino credits or a maximum of $25.00 casino credits.

Alternatively, you can also choose various bet values in between these two numbers. Lastly, there is also a key on the game control bar that lets you instantly select the highest bet. Keep in mind that even though high wagers can lead to significant rewards, it is also possible that they lead to substantial losses, so always make sure you feel comfortable about playing with your chosen bet amount.

Learn More About This Game by Checking Out Its Paytable Section

On the leftmost side of the game control bar, you can see a button with "I" displayed on it. When you click on that key, it will take you to the second screen paytable section, where you can look up essential game information details such as the exploding symbol blast patterns, the available game control options, and the symbol combinations payouts.

Exploding Symbols Can Lead to Additional Wins and Bonus Round Games

Before you can play the game's bonus feature, you first have to trigger an exploding symbol event. An exploding symbol can show up at any reel spot position during a gaming session. If it shows up, it will explode and create a random blast pattern. After such an explosion, a randomly chosen reel attribute will replace all of the affected symbols. The game will change every reel symbol, including the exploding icon, within the blast pattern. You can check out the game's paytable section to see all the available blast patterns and learn how they influence the surrounding symbols. If any wins occur after an explosion, you will activate the Cascading Reels bonus feature.

Make Powerful Wins During the Cascading Reels Feature

This game has no traditional free spins round, but it does provide you with a chance to play and benefit from a unique bonus element that is somewhat similar to this type of feature. An exploding symbol game event needs to occur before the Cascading Reels bonus feature can come into play. When an explosion creates a win triggering symbol combination, you will see that the winning reel attributes disappear.

These disappearing symbols create empty reel spots, and the slot game will then fill these spots with new icons that can trigger additional casino credit wins. While you are playing the Cascading Reels bonus feature, you cannot click on the game's play button for as long as you keep making new win triggering symbol combinations.

Learn About the Return to Player Percentage of This Casino Slot Game

You can find the Return to Player (RTP) percentage or rate for this particular slot title and others at various game review websites. Look up this essential piece of casino game information if you want to learn how much the slot can roughly give you back in return over the long term for playing it while you make real money bets. You want to search for games that have a high RTP percentage because these slots prove to be the most profitable over the long run.

Make Your Decisions Based on the Review Ratings of This Slot Title

Another piece of valuable game information you can look into while doing research is its review rating. Various casino game review websites test out slots and then give them ratings based on their gameplay quality and profitability. When these ratings are high, it indicates that the reviewed game is one you should try on online casino platforms.

Find Inspiring and Motivating Mentions of Fortunate Slot Game Winners

News mentions of fortunate real money slot game winners are another good indication that Frog Fortunes Slots or any other slot titles are good casino games to play. You can often find these mentions of lucky slot machine gamblers at the news sections of Realtime Gaming casino platforms or casino news-related websites.

Real Money Bets Provide the Highest Thrills and Trigger the Best Wins

If you want to go after the available real money wins in this game, you need to join a casino that lets you play this slot. Once you are a member, you become eligible to make a real money deposit. After you process this deposit, you are ready to place real money bets that can potentially lead to lucrative casino credit wins.

Play for Fun With Free Credits From Realtime Gaming Casino Platforms

If you do not have the budget to play with real money or don't feel like spending any money on this slot game, you can choose the fun play option instead at various RTG-powered casinos. These casinos will give you free credits to play with for as long as you want. You can also use these credits if you are going to do some practice gameplay sessions before making the switch to placing real money bets.

Enjoy Playing the Mobile Version of This Game While You Are on the Go

There is another way you can play Frog Fortunes Slots or other RTG games at various casino platforms, and that way is the mobile option. Playing this game via your Apple iOS or Google Android-operated smartphone or tablet device is a convenient option if you feel the urge to place some bets but currently do not have access to a desktop computer.